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HI Endeavors’ consulting services draw upon Michael Hodgson’s 30+ years of industry experience in the outdoor retail and publishing industries, plus Therese Iknoian’s nearly 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, sports training and journalism.

Look for a unique and complementary combination of experience offered by the two, both independently and together, depending on clients’ needs in the following areas:

  • branding tactics
  • product development
  • overall business strategies
  • consumer outreach techniques
  • writing , editing, communication planning and newsletters
  • customer service and training evaluation
  • retail staff training
  • mystery shopping services
  • expert witness needs
  • translation services

Learn more about Michael Hodgson by clicking here.

Learn more about Therese Iknoian by clicking here.

Also visit Adventure Network® + Total Fitness Network – “dedicated to helping you stay healthy, fit, active and adventurous.” AN+TFN, another HI Endeavors business, is the ultimate online resource for product, trends, coaching and training advice, travel insights and essays, and Adventure Network TV’s product reviews and Ask the Coach segments.

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